Lets face it, a lot of the most popular content on the internet is completely and utterly pointless.  It is a way to waste away your time at work when you should actually be working.  The trick, as the author of the content, is to be able to grab someone’s attention away from their work, and […]

Expedia Accent Map

Noticed that Expedia have created a new interactive map based content that gets you to guess different accents of the UK.  Here’s what they have to say about the map: “Take a trip round the UK and Ireland one accent at a time with Expedia’s Accent Map of the British Isles. Either explore the map […]


Sampulator – Make beats in your browser

This is a really fun new content piece that allows you to multi track beats within the browser.  Try it for yourself here: http://sampulator.com/.  It was created by @stevespaced I made these quick tracks using the software. It is fairly addictive! Check out my loops here: http://sampulator.com/chris_at_rhp/aweyeah http://sampulator.com/chris_at_rhp/ahyeahbaybee    

The Grey Tales [Interactive]

Exceptionally designed interactive content piece about elephants Not a whip or pair of handcuffs in sight. The Grey Tales unfortunately, isn’t about 50 Shades of Grey.  It is actually about elephants.  Yes, elephants. The beautifully designed interactive helps you learn about why we need to protect elephants. This is what the designers had to say about […]