Build a Better Sandwich

This is a tasty new interactive from the NYtimes.  The animations on the sandwiches are pretty cool and make me very hungry.     This latest NY Times piece is fairly similar to another older piece  by  Wonder if they took any inspiration from that?

Interactive – Species in Pieces

It’s not often you come across an interactive content project as beautiful as this one.  This is Species in Pieces.  30 endangered species represented by 30 different pieces.  The project is the work of and is absolutely amazing in my opinion.  For me, this has all the elements of a very shareable interactive content piece.  This […]

Mix the City

This is a really, really awesome piece of interactive content called Mix The City.  It allows you to record your own ‘DJ set’ using a number of pre arranged loops.  For those of you who are into music production, it is fairly similar to Ableton Live with its clip launching feature, except that it launches video […]

Global Wage Calculator – Interactive

If there is a piece of interactive content that is guaranteed to work pretty much every time it is a salary calculator.  This example is interesting as it compares your salary on a global scale.  And it says stuff like: “You earn 10 times what a cleaner in Thailand earns.”  Brilliant.     So to […]