Auctioneer Beats – Vine (Viral)

Auctioneer Beats.  This is why I love the internet. So it seems this is now a thing: The recipe: Step 1: Taking two seemingly unconnected things: Livestock Auctioneer & Dope Ass Beats Step 2: Fuse them together to create something new and entertaining. Step 3: Smash it. Auctioneer Beats also got on the news


Call Your Nan

The persuasive power of creative content can really come into its own when it relates to something that is topical.    We have seen this with the Donald Trump “Don’t” billboard, and well, basically anything Donald Trump! Brexit or ‘Bremain’? Nothing of course can get any more topical (in the UK) at the moment than The […]


This is a unique content piece from what seems like a unique digital creative agency: Resn.  These are the guys behind McWhopper, the campaign that was launched on world peace day, which I covered a while back here. “Resn is a creative agency with a digital obsession. Our singular vision is to infect minds with gooey […]


What is Robots.txt?

What is Robots.txt? The robots exclusion protocol, or robots.txt is a text file that you can use to instruct search engine bots on how to crawl and index pages on your website. Where is the Robots.txt File Located on my website? The robots.txt file is normally located at the root of your site: The robots.txt file indicates to […]