There seems to be a trend at the moment for making interactive content around food.  A few weeks ago we saw the “build a better sandwich” interactive, now this latest piece looks at BBQing.


The content is created by Weber.   It is truly stunning and it really sets the bar high for what interactive content marketers should be looking to create (if you are working on a bigger budget).

Even if you aren’t on that big budget, you can still take inspiration from the ideas behind this piece and look at the way it has been expertly executed in one piece that combines the highest quality video with some really forward thinking and well thought out interactivity.  Everything right down to the button noises has been expertly created.  This is probably one of the most impressive overall pieces I have seen this year.


The interactive fuses video and interactivity in a very clever and seamless way.  Click on the image above to view the interactive.


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