• Super Cool new music interactive
  • Beautifully designed and entertaining animations
  • If you are into music then you will love it

“Because Recollection” is an awesome new music interactive content piece that says it is based on around 10 years of sound.  For me, this is one of the most exceptionally designed integrated music-video-interactive websites that I have seen this year.

Design and interactivity is exceptional

As you enter the page and are greeted with a quickly changing video landing page, which almost feels like the modern equivalent of tuning a radio.  You are then instructed to hold down the space bar until it “charges” up.  After that, you are taken to a random artist from the last 10 years.  From then on, you have to complete a mini challenge which involves interacting with the web page in a simple (and often entertaining) way, for instance dragging something or clicking on an icon.

Minimal effort – Maximum impact

For your minimal efforts, you are then rewarded with an exceptional showcase of music and video synced interactivity.  What makes this piece even more engaging is that when you stop interacting with the page generally the music and video will slow down in a traditional vinyl or tape-style slowdown.  This gives the interactive content a real vintage and somewhat human quality to it: Essentially, it makes you want to mess around with it over and over again.

Is this the future format to consume music in a more interactive way?

After discovering recently that humans now apparently have a shorter attention span than goldfish, this seems a likely candidate for a future medium to consume music or an album.


http://because-recollection.com/mr-oizo – my personal fave

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