With many reports suggesting that Black Friday will be the UK’s first £1bn shopping day (Bigger than Boxing Day and Christmas).  There is a big pressure on Black Friday to deliver this year.

In a way, this year will signal whether the British public actually want to keep Black Friday as a regular day in their calendar.

Unlike last year where everyone seemed to be drawn in by #blackfriday deals, two camps have formed this year:

1. The people who just love a bargain



2. The people who think Black Friday is too American



    • Big Brands like Asda have also been keen not to repeat the scenes of last year.  Where it turned into a bit of a PR disaster for them when things got a little bit chaotic…


Introducing the #Blackfriday £1bn Tracker

  • Goes live at 12am
  • Tracks #blackfriday spending
  • Dynamically compares figures to Wayne Rooneys, London Eyes and Bieber Selfies

This content piece tracks the spending of #blackfriday and compares it to Wayne Rooney, the London Eye and ofcourse — the all important Justin Bieber Selfies.  Watch it throughout the day to see how much the British public are spending on Black Friday.

Caution! Opportunity to win free stuff!

There is also a social media competition that you can enter to win some cool prizes (such as a smart watch) just by sharing the piece.

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