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So I am a proud new owner of a shiny new .biz TLD with my name on it.  Life doesn’t get much more exciting than this.  If you think you are having more fun than me now, then quite simply you are wrong.

Why .biz?

During my day job in SEO I have spent a lot of time mocking anyone who had a .biz domain name as not being serious about their company or their website.  So in a form of self parody, I subsequently decided that this would be the perfect domain name for me.  Also after finding out the other Chris Haineses in the world are already way ahead in the “registering your name as a domain” game, I felt it seemed liked my unfortunate destiny to end up with one of the most spammy TLDs around.  So there we have it.  That’s my story.

Quick message to the other chris haineses:

Damn you and  …Also damn you and  The only Chris Haines that I would be happy to stand against with in the SERPs is the Chris Haines Motor Cycle Company, who have been around since forever. (Respect)



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Chris is a London SEO Consultant working as an SEO Account Director for Blue 449, part of Publicis Groupe.

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