Climb Online as you may, (or may not) remember, formed as a result of Mark E Wright winning the 10th series of the Apprentice.  I didn’t actually watch the series myself, but followed a lot of the conversations online as it centred around a guy who wanted to start a digital agency.  I felt fairly ambivalent to the whole process – as many people can say that they are good at something.  But it takes a completely different person to actually carry out what they say they are going to do.

“Revolutionising the industry”

After the show had finished, Mark E Wright attracted a lot of criticism for some of his claims in the show.  A lot of the SEOs on Twitter scoffed at some of his claims of “revolutionising the industry”.  The article below shows a few of the concerns of many people:

Website launched after much delay

As soon as the Climb-Online website was launched,  a lot of SEOs waited for the site to be spammed.  Remarkably, the site wasn’t actually spammed (that much) early on and seemed to be ok.

Fast forward to now

After almost forgetting about the site, I decided again to Google the site today and see how they are performing and whether they are living up to their expectations.  Here’s what I found:

1. Climb-Online’s slight anchor text issue…

Unfortunately it looks they haven’t made too many friends in the SEO industry.  The website has been spammed to oblivion.  I think my favourite anchor text is “Climb online like an asshat”  – Nice use of Fiverr there, whoever did this.   (Guessing it wasn’t the Climb Online outreach team).  Also interesting that the asshat guy has created different variations in an attempt to get them ranking for [asshat].  Nice.

“Ass Hat”, I’m guessing is a North American phrase… its certainly not how I would choose to insult someone, although it is pretty entertaining.  “W@nker” on the other hand is clearly someone from the UK: (Straight to the point).  “Scam” and “Scammer” seems a whole lot more serious affair in comparison.  Maybe a past client or outsourcer?  Hopefully not.

climb-online-anchor-text- cloud

2. The site has no visibility

The website has little to no search visibility.  It essentially invisible on Google.  This is quite surprising given that he was on very popular TV show, has a huge social media following and also got lots of coverage in big media websites.


So Climb Online, the website, hasn’t really climbed online at all unfortunately.  This is a little disappointing although it was pretty much what we all expected.

Specific Google Rankings

Digging down a little deeper, it becomes apparent that the website is getting very little traffic. Not anywhere near the first page for the key terms.  This is pretty poor to be honest.


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