Lets face it, a lot of the most popular content on the internet is completely and utterly pointless.  It is a way to waste away your time at work when you should actually be working.  The trick, as the author of the content, is to be able to grab someone’s attention away from their work, and get them to share something that is different, unique, entertaining, informative or just plain ridiculous.

This next content piece, Endless.horse, is just plain ridiculous.

Using the .horse domain to good effect

As a believer in crappy TLDs myself, I was pleased to see the .horse domain being used here for comedy purposes.  Bravo.


Image Above: Courtesy of United Domains

As those of you that are in the industry know…. the .Horse domains have special secret SEO powers that magically improve your SEO.  The following, as I am sure you are aware, categorically proves this totally non outrageous claim..


Image above: https://www.uniteddomains.com/new-top-level-domain/horse-domain-registration/

Google’s view: .Horse domain does not improve SEO for [horse] ranking


The All important Rankings

Ranking #13 for [endless] isn’t too bad for a neverending ASCII site.  But I think the .horse domain perhaps hasn’t helped them as much as the Uniteddomains .horse domains page claims it will! (Currently rank 48 for [horse]).


Page Speed of endless.horse

As SEOs know, page speed is pretty important.  Endless.horse doesn’t dissapoint either!  Scoring a very respectable 89/100 on desktop.  They really need to prioritise the visible content.


Fully Optimised Page Title!


ASCII Art that gets links

It also got quite a few good links as well.  Pretty sure their cost to build this was ~£10.  Not too shabs.


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