Flagstories.co is a really cool project created by infographic agency Ferdio.  The content takes flag analysis to a completely new level, by looking at some really interesting angles of the development, complexity and families of different flags in the world.

About Flag Stories

The content is stylishly laid out, (surprisingly, it seems like the site is hosted on a custom Tumblr theme), and has a share button on each page.  A lot of the content data is actually from Wikipedia, but the clever thing is the content thoughtful and very shareable.  Ferdio have this to say about the project:

Yes, we like flags. We like them a lot. Actually, we are so fascinated by flags that we decided to explore them in every possible way in order to share our fascination with you. Why? Sure, there are a lot of books and websites covering the different aspects of flags like history, demography and culture, through heavy text, but we wanted to add new aspects to this field by only looking at the graphics and telling the story visually. So we started this Flag Stories project to discover the hidden stories behind the graphics.Ferdio


Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already: Flagstories.co

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