If you are working with a big brand for an SEO campaign then it is likely that their brand or website will get mentioned all over the internet, and people will not always link back to the website. (When they really should do).

This poses a problem for SEOs, as the value of that unlinked mention is not passed from the website to the client’s site.  After the demise of so many link building strategies in the last two years, one of the last surviving methods of actually ‘building’ links legitimately is chasing unlinked brand mentions.  However, identifying these unlinked mentions can be time consuming and involves a lot of reverse engineering.  This is where @seanmalseed‘s Google sheet (below) comes in handy, as it gives us a fast way to identify these unlinked mentions.

The Free Unlinked Brand Mention Tool


This is a really great google sheet that you can use to identify unlinked brand mentions.  Simply make a copy of the sheet and follow the instructions and it will provide you with a list of all the unlinked brand mentions.  You can also add any -site:yourdomain.com exclusions if you want.  Having used this spreadsheet a few times, it can be a little quirky, so i would advise that you copy all of the unlinked mentions into Excel or google sheets straight away.  Then export the domains into a tool like Buzzstream and get contacting!  Reclaiming unlinked brand mentions in this way can be a powerful way to boost the number of links and the value of them is definitely worth it.

More information & Tutorial Video


http://www.ranktank.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Unlinked-Brand-Mention.swf – Tutorial Video

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