Gif Dancy Party – Insane Dance Party Interactive

  • INSANE interactive from
  • Lets you create a ridiculous Dance floor Party
  • Characters include Carlton, Obama and many familiar internet character .gifs.
  • Created by fuzzywobble in 2013

This next interactive from Giphy allows you to build your own Giphy dance party.   For the uninitiated Giphy is a animated .gif platform that allows you to easily share witty animated response .gifs when you should be working.

Ofcourse it helps that Giphy already has access to a vast index of shareable content already, but the imagination of this piece is still worthy of sharing.  Also in terms of user experience this is really about as simple as it can possibly get.

Devoid of social sharing buttons it is encouraging people to share a link to their own personalised page.  “Share your party”.

The Basics…


When you start the interactive you are faced with a basic dance party and you can keep adding characters until you end up with my next level Giphy party shown below.

Next Level Giphy fun

giphy-gif-dance party

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