Google Carousel Providing Interesting Results…. Bob Ross #1

  • Google shows Bob Ross shown as number 1 result for [oil paints] search in its experimental carousel.
  • In my previous post I talked about the ridiculous results that Google had been providing to users for certain searches through its new carousel feature.  Looks like they have done it again!


It seemed that the idea of the carousel  was to make Google seem more helpful for users, particularly mobile users, but the problem is this carousel is that it is very much open to Google’s discretion as to how it’s ordered, and as you can see from the example below, this reappeared today on a search result for [oil paints].

The carousel seems to imply that Bob Ross is the most important result for the search [oil paints]!  Now don’t get me wrong, I think Bob Ross is a great artist, but are we seriously saying that he should be the number one result?!


Bob Ross ‘outranking’ Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gough in Google Carousel



A Test by Google?

I suspect this is a test by Google as this carousel didn’t show up for similar searches such as [famous oil painters], [famous painters], [famous artists] or other similar searches.


User intention not satisfied

So if you are the user and type in [oil paints] you would probably expect to see painting equipment or paints, that was my user intention when I made this search, but Google provided me with a list of painters.  Not wildly wrong, but not what i was looking for either.



Why did this happen?

  1. In terms of images, Bob Ross probably has the most clickbait photo of all the artists in the carousel.  Of all those painters below how can you NOT click on Bob Ross!  If this is the case then it means that Google will somehow organise this carousel by most clicked artists to ascertain popularity of these results.
  2. Someone at Google put it in as an experiment/joke   (unlikely, but not going to discount it!)


Bob Ross if you dont know who he is…

Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso Epic Rap Battles of History

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