How to write a bad headline

So there is this fairly new tool out by CoSchedule that is supposed to analyse your headlines.  My initial impression was “Great, this is something that may actually be fairly useful!”   After some stringent testing though, (Around 5-10 minutes…) it turns out that 90% of my use for this will be for entertainment only.

Don’t get me wrong, the presentation and execution of this tool is top notch, it just has a very entertaining element to it.  (Maybe that was the idea, so people would link to it?!).  It does remind me a bit of the Hubspot Blog topic generator, which was equally hilarious last year.  For those who haven’t used it: “10 things Miley Cyrus does” tends to come up a LOT!!

So anyway, where was I….  Ah yes, the “headline analyser.”  So to test this bad boy out, I put in a couple of silly titles.  Interestingly, “How to write a bad headline”  came out scoring an impressive 73%!





So then I attempted the classic Llarma test that I used on the Yougovprofiler.  Interestingly, Uncommon words were “Love”  and emotional words were:  “How to make”   What the hell?!!!!

How To Make Love to a Llarma in Space…



Oh and guess what.  This headline got 78% as its overall score! BOOM!!!  Sub-editors, you are out of a job now.  (I’m guessing because it has those emotional hooks like “How to Make”  and uses many uncommon words such as “Love”!



The moral of this blog post is don’t always rely 100% on tools.  Yeah, sure they are great, but a tool is only as good as the data behind it.



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