Warning: If you think insects are gross then this post is not for you!

In my opinion, this is certainly one of the most unique pieces of interactive content to come out this year.  This content can be accessed here on the Microsculpture.net website.  This piece is essentially macro photography taken to the next level.

Expert photographer Levon Biss worked with Oxford University and Entomologists to create what is one of the most fascinating visual insights into the insect world that is available on the internet.  When you access the content you can zoom into micro details on each of the insects.  The video below explains all:

Microsculpture from Levon Biss on Vimeo.

The beauty of this idea is that it is very simple, but one that has been taken to the absolute extreme and has produced something artistic and creative out of something where many people wouldn’t have thought there was any artistic value – let alone a full blown interactive content piece.

This type of content works because it has the power to shift people’s expectations: Initially when I first saw this piece, I thought it was a bit gross; lets be honest, insects aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.  But when you zoom in so close, you start to see a lot more detail in the insects that you have never seen before, and it twists your perception of what you were expecting to see.  Far from being boring, the insects are colourful and have levels of details that you just don’t expect to see.  Pretty cool stuff!




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