Navigating Responsibly is a beautiful Long Form content piece that is pretty awesome in my opinion.  As you scroll down the page, the different sections of the site burst into different layers of animation, shareable quotes and high definition images.  The different quotes on the page are clear and are easily shareable with animated Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook sharing buttons.  It really shows that a lot of thought has gone into creating this thoughtful content piece.

Overall, quite simply, this is a beautifully executed piece of content.

For me, when you are creating Long-form content, it should achieve three things:


It should be functional in terms of its sharing capacity: Make no mistake: You are creating this content to get social shares, juicy links and substantial brand coverage.  If your content isn’t functional in terms of its shareability, then there will be little point in getting thousands of visitors to the content if you have little else to show for it afterwards.

2. Convey a simple, clear message to the visitor.  What else?


Communication is key for this type of content.   What is the end message, what is the story behind the creation and why are you taking the time to make this content in the first place? These are all questions that any visitor to the content would want to know the answers to.  The piece must convey a key message to the end user.

3. Visually Impressive and above and beyond that of ‘normal’ or shorter form content

This message can often be amplified greatly by creating a user experience that goes above and beyond what many people expect to see within that industry or niche.  This can be achieved by fancy-pants visualisations, high definition photos, interactive bits, videos and so on.  This is the icing on the cake if you like, but to get that initial “Wow this is so fricking awesome”  feeling from your visitors, you need to work on this aspect the most.  (Unless you have a damn good idea).

Common Stumbling Blocks

This is all well and good, but sometimes if you go too far on the visual side of stuff then that can affect the core functionality of the content.  The key to creating this type of content is to get the balance just right.

I think this content piece does a really good job of balancing these two functions of this type of content.  Generally it is not easy to get the balance right, and depending on your team structure, the content can become either too functional with no styling, or highly visually impressive with little to no core functionality.  Balance is key.

Access this interactive content now at the link below:

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