Random shit generator – Max 7 sample manipulation program

So whilst everyone was else doing something productive on Boxing day I decided to sit down with Max MSP and make a crazy music program.

I have called it “The Random Shit Generator.”  The program take a folder of music samples from your hard drive and can pick any timed (ms) section of these samples and then play them in sequence at varying speeds.


The patch is in Max 7 at the moment, but I plan to port it to Max for Live in Ableton, just so I don’t have to use Soundflower to record everything.

The result of this escapade can be seen here in the following video:


The purpose of creating something like this is to make the process of finding musical inspiration easier.  The idea being I can just record five minutes of the random shit generator.  Maybe 1 or two seconds of the piece might actually have something vaguely musical about it, in which case I should be able to then cut this sample and then develop it into a song from there onwards.

Suggested features:

-Multiple outs per sampe:  Would be great to record this with multiple outputs directly into ProTools, Ableton or logic.

-Max for Live integration



The patch is available here to download.

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