The Real Story behind the Donald Trump “Don’t” Billboard

What is the Donald Trump “Don’t” Billboard?

A few days ago, people started sharing a piece of content described as a prize winning piece of work and credited it to The Economist.  Everyone had a good laugh because it was another piece of content that had a poke at one of the most controversial presidential candidates ever.  We have already seen other pieces of hilarious content this year that have been specifically targeted to jump off the Trump-mania bandwagon.  The thing that made this one good is it was so simple in concept, but carried a powerful message.  The viral content featured a red background on billboard and used a font similar to the Economist.

The Epic Twist to the story: It was produced by a London Agency

Like all good stories, there is a twist: The Economist didn’t actually produce this billboard.  It was made by an advertising agency based in London.  It was the work of @typechap who works at AML Group.  BOOM!  Well done guys.

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