Richard Baxter’s Secret Life as a Chicken Farmer

  • Is SEO’s Richard Baxter a chicken farmer?
  • Has the SEO legend started a chicken farming side project if SEO doesn’t work out?
  • What is the Trust Flow of this chicken?
  • Does it contain keyword stuffing?
  • Will the chicken be fully optimised if cooked for 1 hr 35 minutes?
  • Is it safe to eat a chicken reared by an SEO?


Chickens in Marks and Spencer branches across the UK have been found with the phrase: “THIS CHICKEN WAS REARED BY R.BAXTER, SUFFOLK” this weekend.  This has led many in the SEO community to believe that SEO legend, Richard Baxter of Builtvisible fame, has started a chicken farming side project in case SEO doesn’t work out.


[Richard baxter chicken farmer and seo]

A quick Google of the phrase [richard baxter chicken farmer and seo] is perhaps most telling.  Perhaps unsurprisingly Richard is ranking number 1,2 AND 3 for the phrase!


“Lost his mind”


Barnraiser: The Emergence of ‘Baxter Barn’

Mounting evidence of fundraising projects by “Baxter Barn” across Google reveal that significant attempts have been made by “Baxter Barn” to raise money for quality chicken feed.



If you are concerned with how chickens are optimised for the supermarket, then its worth taking a trip down to your local Marks and Spencer’s and asking for a search optimised chicken like the one above.  Or alternatively, ask Richard.

Don’t settle for a chicken that doesn’t rank number one.

Have Your Say:  Is Richard Baxter a Chicken Farmer?

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