Competitor Analysis

The Process

The SEO Competitor Analysis provides an in-depth analysis of the competitor landscape.  The Competitor Analysis will show through data, search results and trends where your business stands against your competitors.  Although a lot of businesses may think they know where they sit within the market, they may actually sit in a completely different location in the market within organic search.


The Action

After the competitor analysis is complete this will help to define your organic strategy: Goals will be set based on the competitors in the market and a realistic growth strategy can be created based on your competitors performance within the market.  The competitor analysis also helps to understand what your competitors are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

The Result

Understanding your competitors’ SEO performance and bettering what they are doing is the core part of any successful SEO growth strategy.  Making sure you are outperforming your competitors on organic search can result in huge wins for your business.