What are Accelerated Mobile Pages? (AMP)


Google Accelerated mobile pages or AMP for short, is a new mobile format developed by Google, which can be served to your visitors who are accessing your content from Google and other major sites.  The idea of the new standard is to allow mobile visitors to instantly access your content and encourage higher engagement.  Research has suggested that bounce rates on mobile pages can be as high as 58% when visitors are made to wait longer than 10 seconds.  To enable AMP pages to load at lightening speed, accelerated mobile pages cut out all the non-essentials from your website to increase page speed loading time.

Step by Step Guide to Installing AMP on your website


  1. From your WordPress dashboard Install and Activate the WordPress plugin Page Frog.  You can download the plugin here or search for the plugin internally within your WordPress installation.
  2. Once activated, go to “Mobile Formats” > “Setup” and follow the onscreen instructions to configure.
  3. If you want to customise the look of your AMP pages, go to “Mobile Formats” > Styling”.  Follow the instructions on screen to add a personal touch to your AMP pages.
  4. To get Google Analytics to record your AMP pages go to “Mobile Formats > Analytics”   Select the analytics platform you want to connect and follow the onscreen instructions to integrate it.


Please note that other AMP plugins are available apart from the one mentioned above.

What type of content works best on AMP Pages?

Google’s goal for AMP pages is for all published content, from news, videos, blogs, photos and GIFs, to work using Accelerated Mobile Pages.

How can you monitor the performance of AMP pages?

Google have added a section in Google Search Console that allows you to monitor the performance of your AMP pages. (As shown in the image below).


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