So I’m guessing most people reading this blog have heard of Slack.  It is one of the biggest success stories in Tech at the moment.

There are a lot of gushing reviews about it all over the internet and (rightly so IMO).  Slack has actually created a decent product in an era of sub standard products.  How did they do it?  Quite simply, they listened to their customers.

“Slack have created a product that we didn’t know we needed last year, but now it is one that we can’t live without.”


MSN MESSENGER – The dinosaur that became extinct a long time ago.  Set the standard, but

Skype – Used to be good in about 2010 (pre Microsoft takeover).  Didn’t evolve

Lync – Never works, clunky and competes with Skype for RAM.  Just seems like the more boring version of Skype.

Google hangout… What, seriously?



Slack – Easy to use, cool.  Feature rich.  Slack is fast becoming my go to chat tool.  The integrations with IFTTT make it all the more better.  You can be notified when you get certain emails, or you can just privately chat.  Integrations with lots of other apps make it very appealing.

Skype – I still use Skype, but less and less now.


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