Do you want to talk to a random Swede?  Now’s your chance!  The Swedish Tourist Board have created a simple new webpage as part of a new campaign that has a massive yellow phone number on the front page that if you dial allows you to talk to someone in Sweden.

The Swedish Number: +46 771 793 336

How it works

Anyone based outside of Sweden can call the number, and they will then be put through to a random Swede.

Like so…

“We want to show a unique and genuine Sweden – a country worth visiting, with the right to roam, sustainable tourism and a rich cultural heritage,” - Magnus Lind, CEO of the tourism association, in a statement.

Access the page here:

Marketing that is actually different

A lot of digital marketing these days follows a very set mould or pattern.  This piece has created something that it individual, unique and painfully simple.  It will be interesting to see how many links it gets and how it performs in terms of SEO.

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