Almost a year ago on a cold stormy night, i was busy whittling away the early hours of the morning optimising a website to buggery, when i suddenly had a eureka moment.  I thought:

“Wouldn’t it be useful to have some witty in-joke SEO themed background music to accompany my search engine optimisation tasks”

– Chris Haines, quoting himself.


It would be a music playlist designed for SEOs, by an SEO.  Devoid of musical taste, but full of great content!

What could be greater than that?  (Other than a link on the BBC ofcourse).

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am pleased to announce after almost a year in the making, that the definitive SEO Playlist is now here in all its geeky SEO glory!

Over 100 virtually unlistenable tracks that all have one thing in common:


They all vaguely relate to SEO in some way

The playlist contains SEO hits such as:

– 2 become 1 – Spice Girls

– Google Dat – Jigga Boyz  (who?)

– Go with the Flow** – Queens of the Stone Age-

**(Trust Flow, naturally  …Don’t say it doesn’t matter!)


Follow the playlist here to get updates automatically.

Published by Chris

Chris is a London SEO Consultant working as an SEO Account Director for Blue 449, part of Publicis Groupe.

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