The Worst Website Names… and how they get more traffic than you do

When you create a website, one of the most important things to consider is coming up with a decent website name.  This can be a tricky business for anyone who has tried doing this, as often, a lot of the good names are already taken and you can end up buying something that isn’t exactly what you want, its more of the best fit given the situation.

A great example is me.  I wanted as a domain name.  So I did a quick google to see if that was available, and no it wasn’t so i thought…. oh well at least the is available… It wasn’t.  Here i am with a f**ing .biz domain!

So yeah, i have a shit name for my website.  But its not as bad as these guys below! But as we are about to find out, is this actually such a bad thing after all?


…oh and they also “specialise in wood” incase you were wondering.








When you start looking at the traffic however, this starts to look like a fairly decent website capable of making at least a bit of money.



Not too shabby links either…!


There is no such thing as bad publicity

So i guess what i am trying to say is that having a really bad website can actually be a good thing in many ways.  (depends on your aims obviously).   Yes, Pen island has a stupid name, but they got a link from the BBC.  When was the last time you did that? …. yeah exactly..!

Internet marketers are often very concerned with making everything look cool and keep up with the latest design trends, but often that can become bland and mundane as well.  Lets face it, there is probably always going to be someone who has a website cooler than you.  So why not make a shit site on purpose and see what happens?

Mixing savvy PR skills with new website creation through a joke site could lead to a huge growth for a relatively new website…. “Growth hacking”, if you like.


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