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#BrightonSEO Slides – September 2017

BRIGHTONSEO SLIDES SEPTEMBER 2017 #brightonseo   The Rules of ‘The Game’: 6 tips for successful outreach from Danny Ashton Setting AMP for Success at #BrightonSEO de Aleyda Solís Technical SEO – Generational cruft in SEO – there is never a new site when theres history – brighton seo concise deck from Dawn Anderson MSc DigM […]


Submit URL to Google

Submit a URL to Google   This feature was announced on Search Engine Land yesterday but seems to have now disappeared from the SERPS altogether.  A search for [Submit URL to Google] or [Submit URL]  seems to both not work anymore and instead we are provided with a couple of search console links.  


#BrightonSEO Slides 2017

Brighton SEO Speakers and Slides 2017   Speaker Slideshare Decks   Brighton SEO 2016 – What games can teach us about user experience and conversion from Aferdita Pacrami   Reactivating Twitter accounts: proven techniques and methods – BrightonSEO April 2016 from Alexandra Tachalova   A Basic Guide to Server Log Analysis from Andrew Halliday Brighton […]


Google Carousel Providing Interesting Results…. Bob Ross #1

Google shows Bob Ross shown as number 1 result for [oil paints] search in its experimental carousel. In my previous post I talked about the ridiculous results that Google had been providing to users for certain searches through its new carousel feature.  Looks like they have done it again! It seemed that the idea of the […]


Google Adds Carousel for Certain Queries

Google have started testing two new features in the SERPs in February.  The first test is a carousel that changes the search query as you click each of the boxes within the carousel.  It seems as though the carousel is designed to breakout the search into its different variations.  Amazingly it seems that I was one […]


What Google’s Mobile First Index means for your business

What is the Mobile First Index? Google announced its Mobile First Index officially on the 4th November, 2016.  Speaking at Pubcon, Google’s Webmaster Trends analyst Gary Illyes said that Google would create a Mobile First Index within the next few months in 2017.  This announcement wasn’t a shock to SEOs however, who have already prepared […]


The Rise of the Personal Assistant in Search

I found an article in Search Engine Land recently that discussed one of the hot topics of 2016 – the rise of the personal assistant and its effect on search and SEO. This wouldn’t be that out of the ordinary, but for the fact that I predicted this was likely to be where Google were heading […]


Crawl Budget Optimisation

What is Crawl Budget?   Crawl Budget is the number of pages search engines allocate to crawl different websites.   The number of pages Google crawls depends on the authority of your site.  In an interview with Eric Enge, when asked about Crawl Budget Matt Cutts said: “… the number of pages that we crawl is roughly proportional to […]


SEO Basics: How can I optimise my site for Google?

Optimising your website for search engines allows you to increase your search rankings for your core keywords.  It enables you to increase the performance of your website, leading to more traffic and hopefully conversions and revenue.  Taking the time to optimise your website properly will enable it to improve its performance over time. Discover below how search engines rank […]


Web Scraping with Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Web Scraping & Data Extraction with Screaming Frog What is Web Scraping? According to this New Zealand SEO service, Web Scraping also known as Web Data Extraction, or screen scraping, is used to extract large amounts of data from websites.  The data can then be extracted into spreadsheets, or databases for further analysis.  Why do I need web scraping […]


Tesco 302 Redirect old site to new section

Retailweek announced in May that Tesco would  be scrapping the F&F clothing wing of their website located at the address: http://www.clothingattesco.com/.   This isn’t exactly news itself, but how they have now ended the website may have raised a few eyebrows in the SEO community.  The site came to my attention when I noticed the search visibility drop […]


Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic [Webinar]

New webinar featuring Dixon Jones, Marketing Director of Majestic, Tim Soulo Head of Marketing at Ahrefs, Rand Fishkin of Moz and Eric Enge.


Auctioneer Beats – Vine (Viral)

Auctioneer Beats.  This is why I love the internet. So it seems this is now a thing: The recipe: Step 1: Taking two seemingly unconnected things: Livestock Auctioneer & Dope Ass Beats Step 2: Fuse them together to create something new and entertaining. Step 3: Smash it. Auctioneer Beats also got on the news


The SEO Website Migration Guide

  1. PRE-MIGRATION SEO GUIDE Planning and executing a successful site migration can be a stressful experience to say the least.  The bigger the site, the larger the risk that something can go wrong.  If your website is an e-commerce site, then the effects of a poor site migration can be catastrophic for your business.  Unfortunately […]


Call Your Nan

The persuasive power of creative content can really come into its own when it relates to something that is topical.    We have seen this with the Donald Trump “Don’t” billboard, Trumpdonald.org and well, basically anything Donald Trump! Brexit or ‘Bremain’? Nothing of course can get any more topical (in the UK) at the moment than The […]


How to Exclude your IP address and internal traffic from Google Analytics

Why you need to exclude your Office IP address from Google Analytics Removing Google Analytics hits from your office or any other internal IP addresses is crucial to understanding to the true nature of the visitors to your website.   Not excluding visits from your IP address can result in skewed, inaccurate data that will include […]


Sunspring – A Movie written by an Algorithm




This is a unique content piece from what seems like a unique digital creative agency: Resn.  These are the guys behind McWhopper, the campaign that was launched on world peace day, which I covered a while back here. “Resn is a creative agency with a digital obsession. Our singular vision is to infect minds with gooey […]


Google I/O 2016 – Keynote

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What is Robots.txt?

What is Robots.txt? The robots exclusion protocol, or robots.txt is a text file that you can use to instruct search engine bots on how to crawl and index pages on your website. Where is the Robots.txt File Located on my website? The robots.txt file is normally located at the root of your site: http://www.yoursite.com/robots.txt/ The robots.txt file indicates to […]


#BrightonSEO Speaker Videos – 2016

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#BrightonSEO Slides – April 2016

Nichola Stott: SEO SUX: How and Why UX Must Be Front and Centre to Your Technical Strategy Mel Carson: Discoverable, Shareable & Memorable: How to Make a Better Impression through Personal Branding Rob Bucci: Deep diving into featured snippets: How to earn more and rise to the top of the SERPs Christoph C. Cemper: 7 […]


Brighton SEO – The Last #BrightonSEO at the Brighton Dome

This year’s Brighton SEO was the busiest yet. 1500 tickets sold out in less than a minute, that makes it tougher to get tickets for than Glastonbury. Sadly, it is the last event that will be held at the Brighton Dome. Brighton SEO – The Landmark moment It must have been an exciting moment for […]


FI IRAK – The Gold Ferrari Spotted in London

It is not often you get to see a Gold Ferrari in London.  That is exactly what I managed to spot on the weekend though.  Customised Ferraris are pretty commonplace in London, especially in highly affluent areas such as Knightsbridge in West London. Recently the trend with the super rich has become to being as absurd […]


#BrightonSEO 2016 Speaker Schedule Online

Update: Click here to see the latest Brighton SEO 2016 Slides (April) The Brighton SEO Schedule is now online The Brighton SEO schedule has been posted on this site. Who is Speaking this year at Brighton SEO? 5 / 5 ( 1 vote )


Log File Analysis

What is a Log File? A Log File contains the records of hits from different user agents that the server receives.  The data in the log file contains data such as the time the hit or request to the server was made, the IP address, the URL requested and the user-agent used. Why is Log file […]


Google Q&A+ #March

Google Q&A Chat hosted by Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google (Ireland) with guests: Ammon Johns Bill Slawski Eric Enge Rand Fishkin This is an interesting Google Q&A Webinar, with lots of valuable insights including the shocking revelation that content and links are the top two ranking factors  ……Who would have guessed!   The Q&A also […]


Digging into Hiphop – [Interactive]

If you are a music geek like me, then you will love this next interactive content piece.  It is the closest thing to virtual crate digging possible.  The experience is very similar to Apple’s coverflow, but the virtual vinyl version.  In terms of user experience, it definitely exceeds expectations. What is it? Check it out […]


Setting up WordPress for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – Step by Step

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages? (AMP) Google Accelerated mobile pages or AMP for short, is a new mobile format developed by Google, which can be served to your visitors who are accessing your content from Google and other major sites.  The idea of the new standard is to allow mobile visitors to instantly access your […]


How to do a Content Audit – Step by Step

  Creating a Content Audit is one of the first steps you should take after on-boarding a new client in SEO.  The structure of a Content Audit can often become fairly informal if left later, and is best if produced in a single document within the first month of work, if you happen to be working agency side. […]

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10 Surprising Google Alternatives to try yourself… (And then return to Google)

In a world where Google rules supreme, it is sometimes difficult to remember that there are actually other search engines out there.  …But there are.  Google has become so enshrined in our daily lives that we now “Google” everything, rather than actually search for it. Duck Duck Go https://duckduckgo.com/ DuckDuck Go describes itself as “The […]


How to do Keyword Research

  IN THIS GUIDE FIND OUT: Find out why you need to do Keyword Research for your website and business Find out how to do step by step keyword research Discover which are the best Keyword Research Tools (Both Free and Paid) Find out ways you can do Keyword Research Fast and Effectively What are the best strategies […]


How to Perform a Mobile SEO Audit

Good webinar and slides with SEO superstars Aleyda Solis and Gianluca Fiorelli.  (SEO Superstars, here we go). The Webinar Slideshare Slides How to Perform a Mobile Web & App SEO Audit: Key Criteria, Validations & Tools from Aleyda Solis

climb-online-anchor-text- cloud

Climb-Online Anchor Text Spam

    Climb Online as you may, (or may not) remember, formed as a result of Mark E Wright winning the 10th series of the Apprentice.  I didn’t actually watch the series myself, but followed a lot of the conversations online as it centred around a guy who wanted to start a digital agency.  I felt fairly […]


Link Prospecting with Scrapebox

So you want to start link prospecting using Scrapebox? Excellent choice sire.  If you are an SEO or digital marketeer you will be fully aware that link prospecting can be a painfully slow business sometimes.  If you are in a small agency SEO team, then you will know that every minute counts and resources are often […]


Loser.com redirects into Donald Trump’s Wikipedia Page

Some prankster has decided that they would redirect loser.com into Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page. Using the Ayima Redirect tool we can see this is actually a 303 temporary redirect at the time of writing. Loser.com was also redirected into Kayne West’s Wikipedia page last year It wasn’t that long ago, that loser.com was redirected into […]


Outreach done very, very wrong

  This is a painful example of how NOT to approach someone using bulk messaging programs such as Buzzstream for your outreach.  If you are working in SEO, PR, or Online Marketing, please do not send out (or let anyone on your team) send out this kind of crap that you are about to see. The example […]


Google DeepMind – AlphaGo masters the game of Go beating human player

Google subsidiary DeepMind’s AlphaGo beats professional Go player Chinese Game Go allows for 10,171 layouts, compared with 1050 combinations for Chess Software uses artificial neural networks to learn the game and has a database of 30 million moves Beat European champion Fan Hui in five games of a formal series AlphaGo mimics how humans think […]


2015 was the year of Emoji Marketing… Will it Continue into 2016?

2015 was described by many as the “Year of the Emoji.”  I personally think the emoji trend is far from over though, and already this year we have seen a continuation of brands using Emojis in lots of creative ways in their content marketing.  The key thing for brands about emojis is that it allows them to […]


Pickle Cat – [Interactive]

The internet was founded on cat photos.  This next website takes the internet cat paradigm to a whole new level by combining it with floating pickles in space with a Faux Daft Punk soundtrack.  Sounds amazing, thats because it is! http://dn.ht/picklecat/


#Blackfriday Billion Tracker [Live]

With many reports suggesting that Black Friday will be the UK’s first £1bn shopping day (Bigger than Boxing Day and Christmas).  There is a big pressure on Black Friday to deliver this year. In a way, this year will signal whether the British public actually want to keep Black Friday as a regular day in their calendar. […]


Magic Moments from Nectar – Promoted Tweet sends people to 1.5 star rated app

Nectar epically shoot themselves in the foot with “Magic Moments” promoted tweet Nectar promote crappy app store app on twitter “Total Rubbish”, “Useless” “Oh dear…” are just a few of the reviews. Why send people to a crappy app? Come on, sort it out Nectar. Nectar Launch Promoted Tweet to announce their 1.5 star rated […]


How far are we away from Her? – Is this the future of search?

I watched the movie “Her” recently, and was interested by the story which was one of the most interesting takes on a love story I think I have watched in recent memory.  Although the movie was pretty good, and had me really interested in the story, I was slightly frustrated that the movie didn’t really push […]


Goldfrapp Hack

Another hilarious hacked site.  For those of you who don’t know, this is Goldfrapp.  And this, ladies and gentlemen is what it ranks for: Quick glance at Searchmetrics visibility shows everything is perfectly fine..! [insert comic book guy sarcasm voice]   Buy now, for a limited time only at : http://www.goldfrapp.com


What is Matt Cutts Doing Now?

Matt has started posting his food experiences on Twitter recently.  Key Cutts’s culinary insights include: Pasta Carbonara – “Tasted Better than expected” Homemade Pancakes – “Fluffy but Pretty Bland” Chocolate peanut butter cookies with oats – “Turned out great” French Toast – “It’s edible” Bacon and Cheese omelette – “It’s hard to fold” Matt Cutts, Head […]


Good Things Should Never End – Orange Interactive

New psychedelic parallax interactive from Orange, complete with conundrums and music sequencers! http://www.goodthingsshouldneverend.co.uk/


Scuderia Ferrari Uncovered

This is a really interesting and visually impressive content piece from Ferrari that allows you to explore behind the scenes and step into the cockpit of the Scuderia Ferrari.  It is a nice balance of 360 view Google maps style content with an extra layer of interactivity in it.  You are free to explore and wander round the […]


#BrightonSEO Slide Decks from September 2015

Here is a round up of the latest and greatest September 2015 #BrightonSEO slides. Enjoy, SEO Geeks! For the Previous April 2015 slide decks click here Aleyda Solis – The Technical Marketer Toolbox Jon Earnshaw – Is your content working better for someone else? Paddy Moogan – Reverse Engineering Successful Content Gianluca Fiorelli – An […]


3 designs that would have been worse than the new Google logo (designed by me)

Google Changes their logo to new version Internet breaks The Comic Sans Version…. yuck   Rather Shockingly, this isn’t that much different to the new logo. The Curlz MT Version…urghhh     You would know Google had completely lost it if they announced this as their new logo. The Microsoft Word Rainbow Art Version  


The Mc Whopper Saga

Burger King sets up Tumblr interactive animated content webpage in thinly veiled half PR, half Content Marketing stunt. Interactive content on www.mcwhopper.com contains an open letter to Mc Donald’s. Open letter states that for one day only the two burger chains should combine burgers ‘in a show of peace’. Mc Donald’s give crappy response back on […]


Richard Baxter’s Secret Life as a Chicken Farmer

Is SEO’s Richard Baxter a chicken farmer? Has the SEO legend started a chicken farming side project if SEO doesn’t work out? What is the Trust Flow of this chicken? Does it contain keyword stuffing? Will the chicken be fully optimised if cooked for 1 hr 35 minutes? Is it safe to eat a chicken reared by an […]


Google Panda 4.2 is born

Panda 4.2 arrives, affecting 2-3% of search queries Good news search engine optimisers! The Panda 4.2 update is finally here, (following the announcement from Gary Illyes at SMX Advanced last month that a Panda Refresh was in fact imminent). Twitter Reaction (Spoiler: It’s lots of photos of Pandas) Google Panda 4.2 is here https://t.co/8KfNz5kzkh pic.twitter.com/Qa2Y9vA2cZ — […]


Google Algorithm Change History

Do you know what the Google Penguin and Panda updates are?  How about Fred? Do you know the exact dates of the latest Google algorithm updates are? Is your site vulnerable to being penalised? Does your website have a Google Penalty? Google Algorithm Ch-Ch-Changes Explained If you find yourself Googling the exact dates of Google’s Algorithm changes […]


Free Unlinked Brand Mentions Finder

If you are working with a big brand for an SEO campaign then it is likely that their brand or website will get mentioned all over the internet, and people will not always link back to the website. (When they really should do). This poses a problem for SEOs, as the value of that unlinked mention is not passed […]


Louistheroux.com – Robots.txt – Drama

 ….ROBOTS.TXT?!   Image Via http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2011/jan/30/louis-theroux-ultra-zionists-documentary Louis Theroux is definitely one of my favourite broadcasters.  His documentaries are very good at providing insight into the lives of people on the fringes of society, outside of so called ‘normal life’ .  Coincidentally as well, Louis Theroux used to live in Harlesden, which is where i live at the […]


Aaron Meyers

  This is a seriously cool future-retro interactive from Aaron Meyers.  If you remember these ‘vintage’ Sony TVs and have a penchant for analogue synths from the 80s then you are going to love this! http://aaron-meyers.com/


Brighton SEO Vs Glastonbury

Brighton SEO is with out a doubt the “Glastonbury” for SEOs.  I thought it would be entertaining to compare these two gargantuan institutions side by side. Crowd Goes Wild – Glastonbury Crowd Goes Wild – Brighton SEO via http://www.roughagenda.com/ Glastonbury Tickets sell out in 25 mins! Brighton SEO Tickets sell out in 4 mins! Key Takeaways […]


Exhausting a Crowd

Exhausting a crowd is an interesting interactive video that you can annotate yourself.  If you get some witty people on there at the same time then it can prove quite entertaining.  It is fairly addictive…. be warned! http://www.exhaustingacrowd.com/


#BrightonSEO Videos from 2014

Quite interesting looking back on these Brighton SEO videos.  Interesting that this was only a year ago, but a lot of things have changed drastically already in just the space of a year.   Think Eyes… Not Just Keywords – Adrian Durow Make more money by integrating your data – Ali White Helping Online Businesses […]


Hacked Site Watch #1

So looks like someone has hacked a few innocent sites, and guess what, it’s in the [viagra] niche! I did a quick search for [cheap viagra] and discovered what looks like one of many clearly hacked sites. http://www.Henleyswim.com/   Looking a bit closer, we can see on the new links tab where the attack started around the […]


The Top 10 Disavow Fails

  Although there are a lot of really good SEOs out there, sometimes people can disavow stuff that can really damage their site.  This is a list of some of the most outrageous disavows, taken from disdit’s data.   10. Search Engine Land 9. Wikipedia 8. The Guardian 7. Telegraph.co.uk 6. Majestic.com 5. Mattcutts.com 4. […]


ELECTION SPECIAL! Which Party wins the SEO Election?

So you may have already decided who you are going to vote for.  But have you checked which parties are the most electable in terms of SEO?! ….I am guessing you probably haven’t! The major parties SEO Visibility   Source: Searchmetrics In terms of SEO visibility, the Conservatives are the clear winners.  Although looks like […]


The Worst Website Names… and how they get more traffic than you do

When you create a website, one of the most important things to consider is coming up with a decent website name.  This can be a tricky business for anyone who has tried doing this, as often, a lot of the good names are already taken and you can end up buying something that isn’t exactly […]


#BrightonSEO Slide Decks from April 2015

UPDATED: For the updated September 2015 #BrightonSEO slides click here. Kirsty Hulse Schema, JSON-LD & the semantic web http://www.slideshare.net/linkdex/schema-jsonld-the-semantic-web-brighton-seo-april-2015-kirsty-hulse-linkdex?related=1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB6xrzBKRuE (also worth checking out). ha. Krsyian Szastock DIY Data Visualisation to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy http://www.slideshare.net/krystianszastok/diy-data-visualisation-to-fuel-your-content-marketing-strategy?ref=http://www.rocketmill.co.uk/data-visualisation-resources-brightonseo   Hannah Smith Jaws in Space (Ressurrection) http://www.slideshare.net/HannahBoBanna/jaws-in-space-ressurrection-brightonseo?utm_content=buffer7c0a6&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer   Matthew Barby 10 Ways to Build a Link in […]


Interactive – Species in Pieces

It’s not often you come across an interactive content project as beautiful as this one.  This is Species in Pieces.  30 endangered species represented by 30 different pieces.  The project is the work of http://www.bryanjamesdesign.co.uk/ and is absolutely amazing in my opinion.  For me, this has all the elements of a very shareable interactive content piece.  This […]


100,000 Stars Interactive

This caught my attention today as being a cool, but fairly nerdy interactive piece of content.  The sheer scale of this is very impressive.  The icing on the cake for me is the trippy music that accompanies the piece.  Check it out!   http://stars.chromeexperiments.com/


Global Wage Calculator – Interactive

If there is a piece of interactive content that is guaranteed to work pretty much every time it is a salary calculator.  This example is interesting as it compares your salary on a global scale.  And it says stuff like: “You earn 10 times what a cleaner in Thailand earns.”  Brilliant. http://money.cnn.com/interactive/news/economy/davos/global-wage-calculator/?sr=twmoney022415wage1200calculator     So to […]


Extraordinary – Interactive by PwC

This is a really amazing piece of interactive content from PwC.  I think this really represents the visual style that still has the power to impress in 2015. The budget and time spent on a project like this must have been fairly phenomenal, but this looks like it was money fairly well spent in my […]


Submit suggestions for Google Webmaster Central 2015

You can now give feedback to Google to improve their Google Web Search and Google Webmaster Tools.   To submit ideas go here:


YouGov Profiler

This is a great piece of interactive content I found via Twitter from YouGov.co.uk.  You simply enter a “Brand, Person or Thing” and after some ‘calculations’ it will work out the profile or personality of the person using YouGov data. So being the geek I am, I like to try and push these kind of content […]


The rise and rise of Henry Hoover

Website gets link from the BBC and Huffington Post, but still no increase in overall SEO Visibility after several weeks… WHY?   (Image via BBC.co.uk) So you may have seen the amusing Christmas story about a small electrical appliances shop in Westcliff-on-Sea that decided it would be a great idea to recreate the nativity scene using Henry Hoovers. […]


5 SEO Tools you need to use before you die!

This is my list of 5 SEO tools you need to use before you die!  All of the following are paid tools, and in my opinion, offer good value for money for the freelance, in-house or agency SEO. What makes a good SEO tool? Unfortunately the nature of SEO means it is virtually impossible to […]