I am a SEO Consultant based in London


I have been working in SEO and Content Marketing for the last couple of years and love every minute of it.  I am very passionate about my job and spend a lot of time researching the latest developments in the industry, as well of considering the most creative and innovative ways to create publicity for a brand.

On a day-to-day basis I work with lots of different brands and companies agency-side.  Some are large international corporations, and others are smaller startups, right down to one-man-band small business owners or freelancers.

To be a good SEO Consultant you have to be prepared to have knowledge of a lot of different industry sectors.  In my time as an SEO I have covered the following industry sectors:  Fashion and Retail, Recruitment, Private Jet Charter, Sports, Crafts and Stationery, Insurance and many others.

SEO Achievements


In the last two years I have gained some serious publicity for my clients through some of my SEO Work by forming creative content ideas that help promote their brand in interesting, entertaining an engaging ways.  I also have led the strategy for the outreach of these projects, to makes sure they get the right traction.  I am a strong believer in an integrated multi-channel approach and I have been careful to build this strategy into some of my latest work, particularly on the SEO content side.

I have led the SEO Content Campaigns on the following projects:

I have worked on lots of other smaller scale projects as well.

About this website

As you have probably guessed, I came to the domain name game a little bit late and got stuck with this god awful .biz domain as my domain name.   For a while I was annoyed at the other Chris Haines (As this has happened before with choice of Gmail account naming).

Sorry, “Chrishaines@gmail.com” is not available. Have you tried: Chrishaines044948@gmail.com; Chrishaineso56@gmail.com; xoxoHainesyChris666xoxo@gmail.com. Gmail

But after extensive counselling, I have now made my peace with them, and decided to live in harmony with them, safe in the knowledge, that at least in the UK territory, I will be able to outrank them in the SERPs.

Education, Education, Education


Just as a side note, this website is not a commercial site.  This website is my personal blog that is intended as an educational resource for aspiring SEOs and anyone interested in SEO… (It’s not dead yet)!

I am starting to build out a full guide of resource articles that will help people understand a bit more about SEO and Content Marketing and how it can help them improve their website.

Interactive Content Trends & Developments

I regularly post information about the latest content marketing gems that are getting coverage in the mainstream press.  If I am in a hurry, (99% of the time) I will just write a quick article.  Sometimes if you are lucky, I will write a full on proper analysis article.  I love finding the latest and greatest interactive content that the web has to offer.  I will often look at the content from an SEO standpoint and assess how successful the content has been based on its coverage, links and various other factors.

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Get in Contact

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