A few of my beats

Just Happy

Largely Finesse

(New Track 2017)

Tick Tock

I wrote this track in 2008, and at the time i was really into these weird almost hypnotising videos. I cobbled together this video, as you can see really quickly. Its not great, but i just wanted this song to have some kind of video as it was one of my more memorable tracks that i wrote in this period.


Still – (Instrumental)

Anyone who knows me personally (yes, all three of you..!) will know that I love early 90s and 00s west coast gangsta music. My two go to remix tracks in this period, circa 2009 were Still by Dr Dre and 50 Cent in Da Club. This was mainly because they were the most easily available acapellas at the time.

This is a track i made fairly quickly, essentially a rewrite of the famous still dre song. I was trying to write it using dr dre’s style. I think this is almost impossible to do though! Not really sure if i succeeded.



As weird as it sounds, i don’t actually remember making this track at all. I think i must have just made it and then not actually recorded it properly. I kind of still like it though!

My monster t-shirt really bringing the heat there as well… I imagine this was recorded around 2010-2011.


Lady Gaga – Paparazzi Remix

Ah yes…! Lady Gaga. So this was recorded at a studio in Islington, London. I had access to lots of cool mixing desks and was able to play music really loudly. It was great fun. Anyway this serial killer style video was the result of that fun packed night!


Don’t let the bees go

When i wrote this track I’d read something in the paper about bees dying off. Apparently mobile phones and wifi were blamed for confusing their navigation system and they ended up getting lost, then die! Not sure how true it was, but anyway…. the fact was a lot of bees were dying for some reason, so with that in my mind i created this track. I tried to create the effect of walking through a garden in the summer or spring time.

I wrote this track in an evening and made the video shortly after. The video is just ripped from youtube and ‘carefully’ edited together in my usual style.



Photogenic Phish

Quite like this track, and it seems to have weathered fairly well over the years in my opinion.

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