Here is a round up of the latest and greatest September 2015 #BrightonSEO slides. Enjoy, SEO Geeks!

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Aleyda Solis – The Technical Marketer Toolbox

Jon Earnshaw – Is your content working better for someone else?

Paddy Moogan – Reverse Engineering Successful Content

Gianluca Fiorelli – An Actionable Guide to Keywords and Topical Research

Samantha Noble – How to Compete on Google Shopping

Kelvin Newman – How to have less rubbish ideas

Chelsea Blacker – 12 Actionable Tips To Become The Content Authority In Your Niche

Tanya Korobka – How to master digital PR

Steve Linney – Why the digital skills gap is good for you

Prabhat Shah – Optimising Products for Amazon Search

Rebecca Lee – A Supercharged Approach To PR SEO Success

Stacey MacNaught – Your Content is Awesome – Now What?

Alex Moss – Tools & Tips to Improve Internal Productivity & Efficiency

Chris Green – Cannibal Content – Stop Your Website From Eating Itself

David Whatley – A physical address is a strategic asset in search! How to leverage an address in search

Tomas Vaitulevicius – Large Site SEO Architecture

Simon Penson – Top SEO Tips For Bloggers

Gerald Murphy – SERPS: From Keyword to Click

Yauhen Khutarniuk – Running SEO on shoestring budget

Beverley Brown – The source of global content quality

Tom Capper – Statistical Forecasting for SEO & Analytics and a Free Tool

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