ELECTION SPECIAL! Which Party wins the SEO Election?

So you may have already decided who you are going to vote for.  But have you checked which parties are the most electable in terms of SEO?! ….I am guessing you probably haven’t!

The major parties SEO Visibility



Source: Searchmetrics

In terms of SEO visibility, the Conservatives are the clear winners.  Although looks like they suffered some problem in January 2015.

  1. Conservatives
  2. Labour
  3. Lib Dems
  4. UKIP


Organic competitive Keywords of the main parties


Source: Searchmetrics

It seems that Labour.org.uk gets a lot of traffic from [manifesto] as they rank number one for it.

Deeper Analysis of the Main Parties Websites in terms of SEO


Source: Majestic

This story is pretty much confirmed by Majestic.  The Conservatives have almost half the number of indexed URLs compared to Labour and the Lib Dems.  The Conservatives also maintain the highest Trust flow and Citation flow, and seem to outperform the other parties on most other statistics.

Labour blog



“25 Reasons to vote Labour”…. really?!!  Labour Party have really tried to go Buzzfeed with this one.

Conservatives’  blog

But, it gets worse.  The Conservatives have tried to gamify their blog.  So you get points for sharing their posts.  Pretty clever, but is this what democracy has come to?!


Conservatives: The all important Mug and Fridge Magnet Set

The Conservatives also offer the chance to buy a mug and fridge magnet set.  (This is on the front page of their website!).



Labour Using Optimizely

Labour interestingly, are using Optimizely to A/B test their website.  The Conservatives are not.  This may be why they have a mug and fridge magnet set on their front page?  Although I can imagine the mug and fridge magnet set is probably fairly popular with Conservative voters…!

Ranking for Party Leaders: David Cameron

The Conservatives have good optimisation on their party leader’s page and appear above the fold.


Ranking for Party Leaders: Ed Miliband

Labour, by contrast, have not really made the most of their Ed Miliband landing page.  It doesn’t even appear above the fold unfortunately.




In terms of SEO I think the Conservatives have the edge, both in visibility and in links and overall optimisation.

Labour seem to be trying a lot of interesting stuff – A/B testing pages and trying to write content around targeted keywords.   They are clearly doing a lot of the right things: ranking number 1 for [manifesto] isn’t too shabby.  But the Conservatives are overall the better of the two websites, they even have implemented https:// correctly, whereas Labour haven’t.


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