Panda 4.2 arrives, affecting 2-3% of search queries

Good news search engine optimisers! The Panda 4.2 update is finally here, (following the announcement from Gary Illyes at SMX Advanced last month that a Panda Refresh was in fact imminent).

Twitter Reaction (Spoiler: It’s lots of photos of Pandas)

Google Panda: Refreshed, but not updated.

Google Panda 4.2 is a refresh rather than an update

Too late now to make Panda changes

Now that the refresh has started, you will have to wait until the next update to see any Panda related changes.

Google being cagey about the precise roll out time

So rather annoyingly, we have a fairly crucial update confirmation, but it will take time “over the coming months” to ascertain the true impact of this update.

Who was affected?

This update should continue to help high quality, smaller and medium sized websites rank better in Google. For example, websites that may have been unfairly penalized in the past by previous Panda updates.


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