• Peter Fletcher blogs ALL his sneezes since 2007
  • Covered by BBC, 161 comments on Reddit
  • Turns the mundane into shareable content
  • Gets over 100+ Referring domains in the process

Expensive Projects don’t always get the best results

In content marketing and SEO, there is a big tendency in larger companies to think of the biggest, most expensive idea possible.  There is a belief that having more budget entitles content strategists to come up with a more elaborate and often expensive idea.  (Creating a higher risk if it doesn’t work).  Often surprisingly though, it is some of the smallest budget and simplest ideas that gain the most popularity and get shared the most widely.  Simply put, the content pieces that we share together aren’t always the most visually spectacular pieces ever.  They are the most entertaining or shareable stories, or an idea that challenges our expectations in some way.

This piece is less a content idea, but more a content concept.  It is about a man who decided one day it would be a great idea in 2007 to start blogging all of his sneezes.

Yes, thats right, i’m not joking:


What is there not to love about a man who has recorded all his sneezes for the last eight years?






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