This is a painful example of how NOT to approach someone using bulk messaging programs such as Buzzstream for your outreach.  If you are working in SEO, PR, or Online Marketing, please do not send out (or let anyone on your team) send out this kind of crap that you are about to see.

The example below was an email that was sent to me this month from another SEO.  I have redacted the contact details of this person to save them the embarrassment, but it really is an example of how NOT to approach anyone… ever!


Like an annoying secondary school teacher, I have red squared my frustrations, and numbered my feedback below.

  1. This person thinks its still ok to send someone an email using HOTMAIL in 2016.



2. “Hightech SEO Proposal”  – Remind me again what exactly is ‘hightech’ about this proposal?  When have you ever heard that phrase associated with SEO? Its the kind of thing your Gran might say when you are telling her about your digital marketing career.  “Oh that sounds so hightech dear.”


3. S dot E dot O dot….   That is not how you write SEO…. Stop doing that!


4. OK, why is India in CAPITALS?! This just makes you look a little bit unstable.


5. “Top Page Rank” – Yes, please send me some of that fake Page Rank! [sarcasm]



6. Extremely questionable list of SEO services that makes Fiverr look white hat




Outreach done right

Successful Outreach is very much about having empathy with the other person’s situation and inspiring them with whatever you are trying to promote in an innovative, well written and creative way.

If you lose this tone from your emails then you are ultimately doomed to failure and you will become the SEO equivalent of a used car salesman. Don’t be this guy.

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Chris is a London SEO Consultant working as an SEO Account Director for Blue 449, part of Publicis Groupe.

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