This is a unique content piece from what seems like a unique digital creative agency: Resn.  These are the guys behind McWhopper, the campaign that was launched on world peace day, which I covered a while back here.

Resn is a creative agency with a digital obsession. Our singular vision is to infect minds with gooey interactive experiences that amaze and stupefy.” – Resn


Ouja board fun on the website

The content on the website is a little remiscent of Myst. the old 90s game, which was a little bit creepy, but also fun in the fact that it mixed old themes (Classical and Victorian architecture) with new ideas to create an alternative warped reality.

The website itself is interesting in terms of its next level interactivity and the way in a few seconds it showcases unique ideas that actually make you feel like you are discovering something new for the first time.  I think this kind of content would be very interesting in an augmented reality environment.

I certainly haven’t seen anything quite as different and unique as this for a while.  One to watch.


Check out the website here:



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