The rise and rise of Henry Hoover

Website gets link from the BBC and Huffington Post, but still no increase in overall SEO Visibility after several weeks… WHY?



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So you may have seen the amusing Christmas story about a small electrical appliances shop in Westcliff-on-Sea that decided it would be a great idea to recreate the nativity scene using Henry Hoovers.  Great idea right?

Naturally the story blew up overnight and caught the imagination of many different publications across the internet.

This cunning piece of (probably largely unplanned) ‘real world’ marketing led to the website of the shop,, getting links from the BBC and the Huffington Post among others.  Not to shabby right?!  Great for their business, right?


*in terms of the website


Trust Flow 94 and Trust Flow 55.  …BOOM!


So after seeing the interest from huge websites around this small shop in Westcliff-on-Sea my next thought was to see what terms this website ranks for.  I ran the website through Searchmetrics and was served the following flat lining SEO visibility graph….Wow… nothing! Absolutely nothing.


For those not familiar with Searchmetrics, this means your website is either very new or there is some serious problem with it.

Now I haven’t done a full audit of the website by any means, this just was a red flag for me and looked really weird.  So i decided to investigate a bit further…

After a few minutes of investigation i realised one key thing.

This site had no products!!!


Pro tip: Add products to your website to get it ranking


Thought #1

So I thought, yeah its all fine me sitting here all high and mighty flanked by these premium SEO tools in central London, but if you are a small local business your website may not be your main priority, especially if budget is restricted.  So maybe they just haven’t got round to putting products on their site yet?  …Really?

Thought #2

Maybe they set the website up really quickly after getting the exposure on the BBC?  To test this I just did a quick check on the site.  But alas, the site was registered in January 2014! so this is not the case.


The moral of the story…

If your website goes viral overnight, remember to add some basic content on your site shortly after.  Don’t leave it blank and half finished with no products.  If you have no products, then just create a simple site with a clear conversion form.

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