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SEO Jokes are often seen as the lowest form of wit in most cases, although there does seem to be a repeating pattern emerging of people making SEO Jokes that the wider world appreciates…  Step forward the humble 301 redirect:

When we saw earlier on in the year that the owner of had 301 redirected their domain  into Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page, the world unanimously applauded.  Finally, this was an SEO joke that the wider world understood.  It was like a weird kind of SEO Rick Roll: You type in and you get Trump. Brilliant.  What more could you want? Redirects into

I was testing the speed of my broadband coming back from London on the train and realised that my phone’s wifi was actually much faster than the onboard Wifi.  (Not really that surprising I guess).  The website I used to test the speed was of course

Out of complete curiosity I decided to type in to see who owned the domain.  Lo and behold it redirected to  Not quite sure what to think of it, but it is there for all to see.


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